The Almighty Street

The Almighty Street

(The humanity stuck in the cacophony of modern times, finds itself trapped in the vicious circle of pain and chase. In this monologue, God takes mankind into a heart-wrenching journey of happiness to bring an end to the incessant pursuit)  

I know – things aren’t the way you wanted
In your heart lies a corner that’s haunted
From trepid whispers to maddening screams
Your head is reeling with petrifying dreams

Drugged and intoxicated, you were found in a puke pond
So lost you were – in that maudlin song
Sunshine feels like the rays of a world lost
Forgotten are dreams, so much was the cost

Unhappy and shattered, why you cry my son
Your idea of happiness was just another pun
Infected by your travesty you don’t look around
Reason for your unhappiness – not one I found

Streets of nightmares are dense and gloomy
I will walk you through them, just stay with me
House on the right has all the riches
Parents and sons haven’t talked since ages
One on the left is dark and empty
The dying lone man was mean and stingy
Ahh! the beautiful lady you envied all life
Has a back full of scars – and a husband with a knife

Move a little ahead, on the turn of the road
See the man with a hunched back? – he is stooping like a toad
In the chaos of a tall edifice, he is an elite slave
He will be popping pills, till he enters his grave

Accompanying him – is a man on a wheelchair
A girl he hit with his car, little did he care
The wounds of the girl, till day are sore
Just look at him, he is paralyzed to the core

At the end of the street is the hooker’s den
Drunken at its doorstep, have gathered all these men
Celebrating their hollowness, I see them today
How should I tell them these are not heydays

But this is not the path you may traverse all night
I will take you to my place where sun always shines
Beyond the junkyard, there is a road less traveled
Dazzled by the city lights, remains mostly abandoned
With a gentle twist of our hearts and the opening of our minds
I have you there, take a look at your true kinds

The woman in the hut, has a baby on her gut
It is two days hungry, feed it she must
A drop of milk, and the baby smiled
With a barren breast she just fed her child

There is an old painter in the tunnel
Like a honeypot around him,the kids bee and cuddle
He cant paint no Mona Lisa, he is just another blind
But likewise you, he is a gifted kind

Fly on their wrinkled cheeks, shadows under their eyes
Speaks not of their dearth, but an experience so wise
Faces you see here are not so bright
Peep inside their minds, they are feather light
Assembled in the valley they greet the rising sun
Thanking me all day for that puny bun

You seek happiness in the abundance
It lies in the lack thereof
My son,
will you let go what you lost?
Will you give life another shot?


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