Remember Remember


Most of you have already burnt your dreams into ashes without even realizing it. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you how?

Remember Remember
The day in your calendar
That reminds your mother, of the day you were born
You were crying and pissed dirty
But still she was chirpy
Like Your Daddy Mr. Murphy..had never seen before

You grew a little older, and a little smarter
You cried your way to the desserts, till you tooth had a tartar
You dropped from the bed, you made a small shed
And played home home, with your very dear Ted

Then came in the destiny, as if the nature had her own mutiny
You followed your heart, which split into three
One became a bully, second an artist, and third a nerd
No matter in what proportion were they
You all dreamt of conquering the world

You were free like a hawk
So much that your neighbors irritated..Could Only Gawk
You could build palaces from mud
Or make planes from a tree’s trunk
But that wasn’t enough when THEY saw you flunk

But did your soul miss its flight?, Or your spirit die away?
As you hopped into the garden the very next day
Because freedom has no limits in God’s own place
It is only when we leave it, we lose our grace

Right when he opened..the door to his paradise
You showed him your back, like he was there in a disguise

A call from the society, was all it took
To wipe your name from the history book
Coz they asked you to look for the moon, while you were shooting for the stars
They cut your wings, leaving behind a mind full of scars

The way to the moon was tiring and slow
Coz universities gave you a thrust so low
Some were exhausted, others felt no more
Congratulations! Now you are as dull as a whore

But care no more

Coz ages of dust has blinded your vision
Clear it away, there is still light, and a mission
Society thrives on slavery, so you were shown this path
Break all the shackles he is still where he was
Enter the paradise to rise and shine
So that one day we can all say to you..
Remember Remember
The day in your calendar
That reminds your mother, of the day you were born

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