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When the metaphors stunk of sweat and when the poems tasted of blood, I knew a masterpiece had been written

– Written ┬áduring the end days of the completion of first draft of my book –┬áDemons in my Mind

In my mind is a world I can’t live
But live I shall through my words
Till he maketh my world
A part of your world

– Written at the time when I realized the world is not what I always thought it to be, and that there is no way I can survive it, unless I do something different.

Some take a flight to travel the world, others dive deep into their minds to explore the universe.

– The time when I traversed the depth of my character sitting alone, while I heard chatters of travel experiences

Passion is not about striving to do something 20 hours every day, but to take out just 20 minutes despite all the odds.

– Written when every part of me oozed passion

Best creations in this world, will never be rewarded.

– When I was trying to comprehend the subtleties of a masterpiece

The writing is only as good as the reader!

– In the process of understanding what makes a good book

Zindagi ka safar aksar samajh nahi aata, kyunki sapno mai to sirf manzil dikhti hai rasta nahi

– When I connected the dots

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