House of Cards

House of Cards(A lot of you might not know what it feels like being bullied. Some of you might have been the bullies. The others might have just watched it happen and did nothing. Then let me tell you all a story)

This is a story of a child, a child just like you,
But what he saw in the mirror, was known to less than a few
His life was not a stage, but I was a mute spectator,
I will replay the show, we will watch it together

The curtain rises, the show is on,
The boy is ready for the school, he puts his clothes on
His mother kisses, tells him how much she misses,
He raises his hand, she knows some candies is all he wishes
She slips a coin in his pocket, he is ready to go,
Then off he flies like he never wants to grow

The scene changes, I see him in a bus,
Back seat is castled, and I hear a lot of fuss
Kids of his age, along with a few biggies,
No need to say..they are all bullies

Surrounded by all, it is hard to see,
As he perspires from humiliation, more than the heat
They tease him, they punch him, they kick him and curse him,
So much that almighty begs us to leave him
And just when you thought that all was done,
What they did next made my heart go numb

One pulls his pants, the other grabs his shame,
They start enjoying this ripping game
Tunnn..falls the coin..on the floor it rolls,
All are gazing like hungry wolves
Tears trickle down his innocent eyes as he recollects his thoughts,
A candy from his mommy, which he still hadn’t bought

“No candies you dwarf, what you need is some food,
Get enough of it tomorrow, else we will be lewd!”

The scene changes again, he is back in the bus,
His mouth is stuffed with food from dawn to dusk
Bearing this pain everyday, god it’s so harddd,
Why don’t you see his soul is a house of cards

What we see in the mirror is a plain lie,
Coz all it shows is what meets the eye
A mirror like that he also hoped to find,
But God did not bless him with one so kind
Reflection of his self, burnt his heart,
Coz all it showed was a house of cards

Now comes the climax you all have been waiting for,
Look him in the eye, he is now twenty-four
How come you don’t know, see the candles on his cake,
He is gulping more food than his stomach can take
You have to stop him before his intestines burst,
And before his mom’s b’day blessings turn into a curse
Look closer..lean forward..and jump out from your seat,
The theater is packed with baboons just like you and me
Don’ttell me, don’t tell me you cant see,
He is building a house of cards on a bloody sea

You think his silence is a weakness,
When you yourself are so spineless
But I say the strength of his character, you might see some day,
When he smiles and forgives them, if just ‘sorry’ they say
Coz he was a rose, sent as a message of peace,
They trampled him like an insect, left him shattered and diseased

Till day, all it takes is a flick, to make his life hard,
Can’t you see? His life is nothing but a house of cards

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