(This is an account of a journey of three artists as they explore their art and chase fame. This eye opener will help you understand why they do what they do)

I see a man on streets, ineffable – is the joy that he brings
Have you seen that violinist? The one with a broken string
With every passing day, I can see him shrink
Maybe the glass full of debt, has reached its brink
Swiping piano with his fingers, playing cello with his feat
Ron as they call him, he is performing a great feat

As a child she was trapped,to a post she was tethered
But in the Colosseum of dance, shes a gladiator
Leaving us mesmerized, with such grace she moves
Her stance is perfect, I felt the aura she oozed
With a training so hard, she chases her fame
Even today she dances, with a few ruptured veins
Ran away from circus, they tried but couldn’t tame
Mind you my friend – Isabella is her name

They say – there is magic in his paint
With his brush and easel, he makes the best artist faint
No one displays his art,
But he is still married to the game
What should he do?
Should he cry, or should he lose?
He faces such discrimination,
Coz his name is Yaqoub

Story of an artist is a bit hard to tell,
Not all can understand, what they try to sell
While one looks like a madman, the second a li’l freak
To show you the true picture, they go a li’l deep
They are not ordinary men, although near the bin they lay waste
Some are connoisseurs of sound, others – moves and taste

We wonder what they do, to earn a penny or two
Das coz the passion of an artist, we cannot see through
They live for the moment, when ears ring with thunder claps
The adrenaline is so high, they just won’t collapse
So Ron, Yaqoub, Isabella – whatever is your name
Just hang on there, till you get the deserved fame

Unleash yourself, keep burning in your wrath
Its a very long path, so forget the money math
Deep dive in your art, and become so wise
Suck freedom from your passion, no money can pay its price

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