A Poem On Depression

Today I am going to tell you, about a creature in my mind
Its name is depression, not many know what it’s like

For most may see it, once or twice in life
Then there are some like us, who are haunted all the time
It comes from nowhere like a smokey beast
and lingers over our head like dull and grey breeze

Its not a fever that you can measure,
Its not a sneeze that you can hear
Yes…something like that, exists my dear.

Nothing goes in, nothing goes out
Its a big, dark vacuum from where I shout
Done ask me to take it little easy, or find a way out
God Damn it! Its a dark vaccuum, I cannot come out

“Go out with your friends and enjoy your life”
I know all these mantras, they do not apply
Next time you have measles let me give you this advice
Go out with your friends, it will all be fine

Its not always about loss of hope,
Or an unsuccessful life
It may even appear when luxury is rife

Listen people! Depression is a disease, not just a state of mind
Just say you are with us, will you be so kind?
Ask us to cry, to turn depair into calm
We are just a tear away, let us fall in your arms

Take us to a doctor, and assure us you are not judging
Sometimes this is all it takes, to cure a disease so menacing
After all, its just a brain that dysfunctions
like any other organ, which can fall and stumble

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