A Beautiful Woman

Rape(A satire written to express the agony caused by accelerating number of rape incidents)

Once there was
there was a beautiful woman
Beautiful..I couldn’t know for sure
coz for a long time you had her under the veil
long enough to wither her will
It was a longgg black veil, covering the entire womanhood into darkness
while the humanity, ashamed of itself, lay uncovered
Never mind…she fed me…took care of me
so much that even he, who leads us all, wished for one

I said she is indeed..a beautiful woman

I thought she was the seed, which had to be nurtured and nourished
but you ripped her apart like she was a curse on our existence
You made me yearn for her

I grew up..
She decided to come out
share the burden which you had been carrying for so long
She thought maybe its the ages of labor
that you didn’t know what you did
Then she did things better than I ever could

I said, she is..the beautiful woman

But you tore her apart
Once again
Just when I was so close to her

She lost all the valor she had mustered with immense effort
and above all..her precious time
She thought again
Maybe she was the one who was wrong
Maybe she was not beautiful enough
Not beautiful enough to meet your sub-standard standards of what you call ‘beauty’
Not beautiful enough to fulfill you incessant urge to conquer womanity

So she shed herself a little more
so that you could at least acknowledge her presence
even in places where you go hunting like a wolf
I said – My Beautiful Woman
You are still as beautiful as you always were

But you were a dog more than anything else
You did not stop
You not only broke her heart
but this time you ruptured two souls
Me and Her

I have stopped yearning for her
coz now she thinks
‘I’ am ‘You’

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